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Portuguese Sweet Potato Bread (Bolo do Caco)

Boil sweet potatoes in water with a little salt (save water). Mash the sweet potatoes and then weigh them. Add an equal weight of self rising flour. A starting point would be 1/2 kilo each. Add a little of the sweet potato water and mix with your hands. Add extra flour if necessary. When you have a nice bread dough consistency, cover the bowl and let it sit for 30-40 minutes. Take small portions and make into balls and flatten. Put them into a hot frying pan (no oil, nothing added) and let them cook about 10 minutes turning them a couple of times so they are cooked on both sides (but let the interior still be a bit moist, you can open one to check if you’re not sure).

Recipe from Patricia and Cedric–Lisbon, Portugal